About Sharkhat

Simplify, strengthen & open new avenues for business using intelligent IT

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As IT moves from a part of business to a cornerstone, technology needs to deliver faster, scalable, and innovative results. With no comprise designs that go beyond the cloud and deeper into strategy, Sharkhat lets you take a more proactive approach to IT.

Wether you have five employees, or five thousand, Sharkhat gets business IT infrastructure solutions up and running quickly, simply and affordably. Since 1996, we’ve been dedicated to providing secure, high availability, infrastructure custom tailored to applications.

Accelerating growth, letting your key employees focus on their goals, slashing time consuming procedures, Sharkhat is about helping small and midsize business become empowered on the Internet.

Single Vendor

Sharkhat’s portfolio allows you to work with a single vendor to deploy digital infrastructure as needed. Business moves fast today, we deliver world-class managed infrastructure services providing high availability, redundancy, scalability and proactive security. Should your business rapidly expand, we are capable of massive scaling without interruption of service. Sharkhat provides a comprehensive portfolio of digital infrastructure: simple web hosting, virtual private servers, cloud servers, CDN, dedicated servers, hybrid dedicated servers and dedicated.

Comprehensive Portfolio

What sets Sharkhat apart is our boutique style implementation. With over 20 years of experience, we have applied many business solutions, and help each customer receive the ideal service combination for their business. We also believe in standards based infrastructure, which allows for great portability.

Network Infrastructure

Our network spans 11 datacenters, in 8 regions, and has over 250 points of presence for edge caching. Our datacenters are located in Texas, New York, North Carolina, Montreal, Chicago, North Virginia, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Brazil. We also use multiple providers, for additional redundancy.

Proactive Security

We also focus on network security. Since 1996 we have also been directly involved with encryption and security technologies for the web, and expand these to our customers in an increasingly threatening digital world. Beyond digital security, we have strict physical security guidelines, actively encrypt data (including backups and email boxes), and run through background checks on employees. We also practice compartmentalization, to further protect your data.

“As a global brand, we required high performance web service internationally. Sharkhat built a custom solution for us which allows us to keep minimum infrastructure in-between campaigns, yet actively expand during shows and events to handle demand.”

Cigarette Racing Team, LLC.

Business Cloud IT Services

Lower overhead, build your brand.

Cloud Services

  • Email Archiving
  • Private Clouds
  • Data & Analytics

Digital Infrastructure

  • Managed Infrastructure
  • Hybrid Dedicated Servers
  • International Hosting Arrays
  • Multimedia Server Arrays
  • International CDN & Edge Cache
  • Live Streaming CDN

Business Solutions

  • Business Email
  • Web Hosting
  • Cloud Applications
  • Multimedia
  • Responsive Design
  • Live Streaming